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The story of Gineral began as a hobby production of gin in a 10 L small original Al-Ambiq in the living room during the Covid crisis. Since the product was highly praised by friends and acquaintances, we sent it for professional evaluation and already received a bronze medal. This gave us a big boost and in the summer of 2021 we registered the company and started more serious work on quality improvement and promotion in the field.

We checked the quality on the fly, with each change, at national and international competitions. We took into account every professional criticism, read professional literature and built the final recipe. This today consists of corn spirit as a base and 10 carefully selected herbs, fruits and flowers. Already in 2022, we have set ourselves the goal of developing 3 new products from the original version of Gineral® gin Classic. And indeed, we have successfully developed and launched Gineral® gin Gold, Gineral® gin Blue-Purple and the Hot gin and SauviGin packages. 

In the same year, we also made a big breakthrough when we are at the Office for Intellectual Property Brand Gineral registered as a brand Gineral® Slovenija. We have and are still adding additional items to our core market product. Under our own brand, we market apple juice, various gift combinations, wooden products, pralines filled with gin.

We are proud to have achieved incredible company growth in just less than two years. In the last quarter of the first year of operation, we recorded a 270% increase in sales compared to the same period of the previous year. Despite the rapid growth, we have maintained our authentic story of quality and a small 10L boiler. We are present in more and more bars. We are particularly pleased to cooperate with restaurants with a Michelin star and more and more partners of outstanding companies in the field of business gifts.

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